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Changes to our website 

throughout the year we have been listening to members suggestions on how to improve our community in order to get the very best from our website, the first most obvious change you can see is the change in our name. 

PhotoCyprus will now be known as SPPI World, the main reason for this was as we are growing more and more members are joining from all around the world and we wanted to reflect all of the countries of our members in our name. Bringing our community closer together. 

The second big change to our site is to the format of our competition. In order to make the competition stronger, instead of having monthly competition of the same categories it will now be ran seasonally. This will give you longer time to choose and prepare your very best images for the competition. It will still be scored in the same way by our fabulous judging panel. Plus along side this we will run mini competitions which we will announce as they come up up throughout the year. 

The new competition format will start after November's monthly competition has been completed, kicking off 2014 with a big bang!     

  Benefits to our SPPI and SAPI Members 

  • SPPI AND SAPI Qualifications - Members can achieve Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship Qualifications 
  • Monthly Online Competitions - Each month members can enter images into a range of categories which will be judged by some of the industries leading photographers 
  • Scoring - All images scored will have their scores displayed by the Judges. Using our score guide members will see the standard of each image entered. This unique feature is valuable to photographers development.
  • Organized Trips and Events - throughout the year photographic trips will be arranged where our members can meet and share the day doing what we love.
  • Workshops will be arranged throughout the year for members to attend.
  • International Recognition from qualifications 
  • Photo of the Month - Every image entered to our monthly competition has the potential of being nominated for the photo of the month! Each judge will select one image and will face your vote, the image with most votes will be displayed as part of our site banner for the month. 
  • All winning Images will be archived in the 'Winners Gallery' for members to see 
  • Website promotion - photoCyprus is already in the top 10 google search for Professional
    and Amateur photographers, as a SPPI or SAPI member you have the access to our ?Find
    a Photographer? page which will display a short disc rip ti on of your site and a link to it 
    Website promotion - photoCyprus is already in the top 10 google search for Professional
    and Amateur photographers, as a SPPI or SAPI member you have the access to our ?Find
    a Photographer? page which will display a short disc rip ti on of your site and a link to it 
    Website promotion - photoCyprus is already in the top 10 google search for Professional
    and Amateur photographers, as a SPPI or SAPI member you have the access to our ?Find
    a Photographer? page which will display a short disc rip ti on of your site and a link to it 
    Website Promotion - photoCyprus is already in the top 10 Google Search for Professional and Amateur Photographers, as members of SPPI or SAPI you have the access to our 'Find a Photographer' page which will display a short description of your site and a link to it so visitors to the site can find trusted photographers all over the world.       


Dedicated to photographers in Cyprus and Internationally

"For the love of life first, and then for its creation in photographic art, God has given us such exquisite surroundings and forms, and we as photographers are blessed to have the skills to capture that beauty...."   

Costas Kyriakides created this site to connect Cyprus photographers, amateurs and professionals in one community with the rest of the world. We understand that the professional photographer must be protected through certain measures within the site, as they are using their craft to earn their living. We have managed this by separating Professionals and Amateurs in our competitions. There will be themed Seminars and Workshops for Professionals only, and Seminars and Workshops aimed at Amateurs only.  

Costas Kyriakides is the most qualified photographer in Cyprus. He is judging photographic competitions internationally and mentoring for photographers. One of the reasons why he built this site is to create a photographic community here in Cyprus, and from here connecting all around the world. 

We would like to see Cyprus as the Heart of this community, creating a central meeting place for photographers. Costas has a great portfolio of top photographers from all over the world that can share their knowledge and experience with you. 

Costas Kyriakides is an awarded Fellow of the Master Photographer's Association (FMPA) and also has the Fellowship of the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (FSINWP). A Fellowship is the highest qualification to aspire to in the professional field of photography. He is also a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP), where he holds their Associateship (ABIPP), the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) where he holds the Associateship (ASWPP). He is a member of the Royal Photographic Society, again holding their Associateship (ARPS). Last but not least, Costas Kyriakides was honored with the Award in Excellence of the Federation Internationalie De l'Art Photographique (EFIAP).

Costas Kyriakides is a successful Wedding and Portrait photographer in Cyprus. He is also a member of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).  


We will share with you all of the latest news about the seminars and workshops happening here in Cyprus and abroad, as well as up to date announcements from photocyprus community of our own activities.















It doesn't matter if you are shooting with a 'Box Brownie' or a 'Canon 5D' this site will be a useful tool for all photographers to learn, enjoy and share photography on all levels. Through our forum you will be able to share experience and knowledge with other photographers.

Monthly Photo Competition 

The main focus of the site will present itself in the form of monthly competition to encourage photographers of all levels to share their work, and, as 'every day is a school day' it will also be a platform for each and every member to develop and perfect their skills. Each competition will be decided by a selection of the top, well-known photographers from around the world. The competition is segregated into Professional (SPPI) categories and Amateur (SAPI) categories. Also the best photograph from all categories, from both Professional and Amateur, voted by our members, will be displayed, with the name and country of the photographer, in the photo of the month section on the site. (See top right image)  


The forum will be your connection with our members from all over the world, where you can improve techniques, learn about new technologies and share ideas and inspirations. With the vast release and speed that new cameras and programs are being introduced to us, we can, as a community, share our thoughts and discussions about new hardware and software available.

Use the forum to build contacts and make friends with like minded people from all nations.

The Judges    

We have some of the industries best photographers and highly respected personalities judging our monthly competition 


Our Judges, along side countless awards and achievements of excellence hold Fellowships and Associateships from societies throughout the world. Together they deliver years of judging experience to our members.





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